Monday, May 2, 2011

The First Retribution

Saturday the 28th of May sees what was going to be a casual 40k day with a couple new guests from Wellington up at my place become something a little different.

With all organisational effort under control of Mr Hoverd I will be hosting the first 'Retribution' mini tournament!

With a cap set at 10 players(well see how it goes) we will be having a great day of 3 competitive games of 40K with a cash prize on the line ;) Wil is kindly going to use some of the players entry fee to feed and water us all as we play, thankfully I have a large BBQ.

With 5 tables semi accounted for I have been motivated to do some needed maintenance of my varied terrain collection. Last night I painted up the set from Honored Imperium in nice marble white tones. I'll finally paint the special craters from when Planetstrike was released and with Cody/Coldbane having purchased a Skyshield I'll get stuck into that too.

I plan on themeing all the tables so to play over well have the following.

Ruined Imperial city on my home made modular terrain boards
Imperial City with roman/marble theme and plant life
Imperial airfield with 3 Valkyries
Ancient chaos temple complex
and most likely a mixed fantasy terrain table.

I must say I'm really looking forward to it and we'll be using some of the well loved scenarios from the last years Wellington Tournament scene that most of the attending players are familiar with. I'll get to have what should be 3 really good games and work the fat out of my Eldar list I'm taking to High Lords in Sydney in July.

If anyone is interested in maybe coming to say hello let me know, I have had a smaller mini tourney at my place before and the double garage and my gaming building/room should accomadate all the players fairly well. For a home run event should be a blast just hope the weather is at least agreeable.