Sunday, May 15, 2011

Preparing for Retribution!

I have not made a post for a few days but I assure you I have not been remiss in my painting.

With Retribution 2 weeks away and myself as the host I have been performing maintenance on terrain and making some new pieces for the 5 tables.

I have completed 15 jungle pieces which I can add to some smaller bases I already had. If I have time I may even make some larger pieces as I've got the techniques sorted out.

I also painted my Arcane Ruins set which I think will be added to in the future as they are such nice useful variable terrain. I considered basing the Ruins but decided against for now as I have yet to decide which of my terrain 'sets' they'll join.

Last night I finished repainting my Imperial Bastions. They were a simple drybrushed grey but as I have a new Imperial army in mind to slowly work on, I want a specific look to their environment. I finished the Honoured Imperium set last week and they go nicely together.

The paint scheme is Khemri brown base, Dheneb stone overbrush, heavy skull white drybrush/overbrush, devlan mud wash into recesses. The Aquilas and Bastion floor/doors are tin bitz.

More terrain to come soon...


  1. Some very nice looking terrain!

  2. Excellent....played a game of 40k yesterday to prep for this.