Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So after waiting anxiously over the weekend to see how GW's new terms & conditions would effect Maelstrom and Wayland I now slump my shoulders in dissapointment.

I have read the comments on WAU with people claiming their time for GW is over but is that the answer? Well kind of...

What this has done for me is restrict heavily all the future projects I have rumbling about in my creative mind. That Inquisition focused GK list with heavily converted Stormraven, the Imperial Guard high tech PDF force to mix with the GK and go nicely with the terrain I'm working on for Retribution, the Fantasy army alternative for High Elves I can't decide on, the amazing new Dark Eldar Pain Engines and Flyers I want to tinker with and any upcoming wonderful toys that GW will release will all now be most likely shelved for the forseeable future, very sad.

However after fuming about it all day at work and even explaining the horror to my sympathetic staff I came to a realisation of sorts. I have boxes of sprues, assembled miniatures and bitz galore that I should suck it up and sort them out and see what armies I can get to a playable level.

I have numerous Chaos Marine models including a fully converted Thousand Sons army a good friend gave to me while he lives in London which is crying out for some love and attention from my paint sets. Also the FW Keeper of Secrets my wifer Ali bought me for my birthday.

A variety of 'Imperial' models both Imperial Guard and Marine including 3 Valkyries, Infantry, marine vehicles and lots of varied marine infantry.

3+ sets of AoBR Orks still on sprues plus some Mega Nobz I got cheap.

3000+ points of Necrons I share with Stu/Tiros waiting patiently for a new codex

Enough Tau from a couple owners to get a working force in action.

My old Vampire Counts army which needs bringing up to 8th ed standard, shame I have so many skeletons and Zombies instead of ghouls.

Literally hundreds and Orcs and Goblins in various states of quality needing only the touch of super glue and the new army book to get them back on the table.

An Ogre army a friend has left here for 3+ years barely assembled

Cody/Coldbane's Warriors of Chaos collection he scored cheap of trademe

..and those are just the things I can think of without going out to the gaming room to look.

All a bonus of being the local gaming host I guess.

So what do readers think? Instead of wallowing in a pit of retail despair what forces should I get into working order as an alternative to my pointy eared armies - Eldar and High Elves.


  1. Ummm paint paint paint your bitz and bobs then worry about it ;)

  2. This internet store restriction will slightly curb my spending but it won't stop it. However, what I think this latest stoush points to is that the local GW/Player scene is toxic. The company is completely alienated from its consumers who all love their games but detest the company, its employees, its prices and its policies.

    Now we can't get stuff cheap we will think twice before we buy more models, or try out armies, or buy GW terrain. But I doubt it will stop us adding to or varying our existing forces. It won't stop me buying new codicies. We will just find new ways to buy their product efficiently and find any way we can to not enter their store.

    No one I know wants to actually go to GW in Wellington. The style of salesmanship they employ and their prices have alienated almost all my gamer friends from even entering the store.

    If I want something, and I am prepared to go to pay full price (this happens occasionally) I go to Wargames Supply where I don't get barraged by stupid talk, upsold, or be told that I should buy a pyrovore for my tyranids. Last time I went to GW Wellington to try and buy a plague priest they tried to sell me a $100+ model as if they thourght I was stupid.

    So in summary, to me this latest stoush just reinforces the ugly of the local environment.

  3. Oh and I think you will be too busy painting my Priory of the Weeping Rose to engage in any worry about this internet nonsense or have time to paint your own stuff :)

  4. Very true, I am rather occupied with the Sisters, Dark Eldar and terrain...

  5. I make all my own terrain as I can't afford GW stuff anyway even at UK prices! and you're right about the salesman tactics when you go into a GW store, the dude tried to flog me so much gear including dragons and all sorts, I only went into to pass some time. think I'll stick to my independant retailer, he's a bit more laid back about it all and he's prepared to discuss other game types too!!