Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Avatars back in

For the last few months since 40k Masters I have left my Avatar on the shelf when feilding my Eldar.

Now my reasoning for this was get some more points to spend, he usually dies in each game and with Dark Eldar being a regular opponent his survivability was compromised.

However I miss him, I like the fearless bubble he brings, he ties up units well especially melta squads and he attracts and soaks a lot of heavy fire all for the bargain value of 155 points... and he looks cool!

So with trying different variations of my FoB and Masters lists I've come back round to something like this.

Avatar 155
Farseer, stones, spear, doom, fortune, both runes 158

10 Striking Scorpions, exarch, shadowstrike, stalker, biting blade 202
5 Fire Dragons, exarch, Dragon breath flamer 92
Wave Serpent, twin EML, cannon, stones 140
8 Harlequins, kisses, shadowseer, death jester 216

5 Dire Avengers 60
Wave Serpent, twin EML, cannon, stones 140
5 Pathfinders 120
3 Jetbikes, cannon 76
3 Jetbikes, cannon 76

Nightspinner, cannon 125
2 Warwalkers, scatter lasers 120
Warwalker, EML 70

Total 1750

I will playtest it a bit but number one is the Avatars back and he brings all his wonderful destruction and annoyance to the enemy. Nightspinner is enough as 2 while fun is not really needed. 2 Scatter walkers is again enough as I find 3 overkill while including a single walker by itself with 2 Eldar Missile Launchers gives some nasty outflanking krak shots. The harlequins have lost their Troop Master as with the Avatar back they dont need the expensive leadership buff. Dire Avengers reduced as they only get out of the Wave Serpent when it gets trashed and I have Scorpions now as I love the models and they are so useful and versatile especially for outflanking to stationary mech and shoving a S7 or 8 Biting blade into its gears.

I'll let you know how it performs but it checks most boxes for tactical flexibility and toys I like... shame I can't use a Wraithseer though...


  1. looks good not sure about the single walker with 2 Eldar Missile Launchers seems like an eazy kill point

  2. DRop the 5 Pathfinders 120 and the Warwalker, EML 70 and with 190 points you almost have the points for a second Wave Serpent with Dire Avengers or go cheap with guardians

  3. Good call on another mobile Dire Avenger Squad. If I drop the Shuriken Cannon off the NightSpinner thats the points there for an EML Wave Serpent and 5 Avengers. More durable and mobile than the single walker and keeps the army moving.