Sunday, April 24, 2011

Painting WIP

For my Eldar I only really have to paint up my Striking Scorpions so thought I'd start trying some paint schemes out. I originally was going to paint them a dark tin bitz based 'Predator' inspired fashion but thought it would look horrible alongside the rest of my arctic based force. Looking at the Warmachine Retribution of Scyrath book I painted this fella up and quite like him.

Didn't take long either which was nice.

I also have to get stuck into Hoverd's Sisters and Coldbane's Dark Eldar.

I was going to go for a dark red industrial tone for the Dark Eldar but with High Elves and Sisters I'm already painting a lot of red. Looking at the Raiders and with some freehand in mind for the hulls I quikly painted this guy last night. Obviously Coldbane has to approve but he's pretty much leaving it up to me.

I'm all inspired now to paint again following Runefang and with Dark Eldar, Sisters and probably more High Elves to work on I have a nice selection to work on.

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