Sunday, April 3, 2011

GK Ideas

Well I've had a few days to look over the new Grey Knight Codex, can't say I have paid a lot of attention to the Grey Knight entries themselves and yes they do take up the vast majority of the book but its the odd bits and pieces I like.

I can take Coteaz and field an Inquisition army with units comprised of the wonderful Inquisition Henchmen choice. Dedicated assault teams of arco-flagellants, death cult assasins and crusaders. Heavy weapon teams of plasma cannon servitors, Jokaeroa, hellrifle toting Inquisitors. Daemonhost units in a shackled rune coated Chimera. Psyker Squads ferried about in a sterilised warded Rhino... and all troop choices with Coteaz. Add Assassins for an Elite or two, a stormraven or two as personal Inquisiton gunships and a Dreadknight with a shackled Daemon or Psyker as crew and I can have a pretty cool looking radical Inquisition army which is very very likely I will work on for a varied and fun alternative to my beloved Eldar.

Also what do people think of the idea that a Grey Knight army with all their psychic powers would make an awesome Thousand Sons list! Pre heresy anyone?

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