Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tale of 40k Gamers - Wrythhold edition

Over the past few weeks there has been discussion amongst our gaming group about new projects for the year.  These coincided with GW releasing the new Army Starter boxes.

We normally look at making armies for competitive play but we all enjoy campaign and narrative play more.  Looking at the new box sets they all clock in around 400 points so it seems a good place to start.

We have around 8 people participating so far with a good spread of army choices.  The guidelines are to make a new Army from new products or for me, use things from my vast unused collection and turn them into a painted army.

Stage 1
Make and paint a 400 point force with the following restrictions.
1 HQ
1 Troop
1-2 choices from Troop, Elite, Fast or Heavy.

Ryan has put together an excellent document with suggestions and guidelines covering all these things.

Once participants have their core forces ready we will arrange a gaming day of narrative battles. Following additions to the armies will then be arranged.

I have chosen Heretics from Imperial Armour 13 and Word Bearers using the Betrayal at Calth miniatures.  This will encourage me to get real work done with the Heretic forces I have toyed around with from the Forge World of Wrakinos, a setting I have used for the Rogue Trader rpg and small 40k games with Alex.  The Chaplain/Dark Apostle is the first miniature from the Calth set I have worked on so far.