Friday, February 5, 2016

Painting - Death Company Stormraven

After this model has sat on the shelf partially assembled since it's release, I thought it was high time it got painted.

With Valleycon coming up and Cody and I both using Blood Angel's it was bound to get use.  It already had the black panels and steel base coloured so I decided to go Death Company.

After edging the panels it didn't really stand out so I went to work with weathering powders.  I looked to the Blood Angel codex for freehand inspiration which ended up on the wings.

Cody included it in his list, so last weekend it got plenty of use in his five games at Valleycon in Upper Hutt, including against me!  I have another Stormraven which I have grand plans for, though it will be geared for the Inquisition.

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