Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tale of 40k Gamers - Ryan #2

So I had fun Tuesday night remembering what it was like to clip lots of plastic from sprues then tidy up the mold lines.

I hate filing off mold lines
Compared with dealing with the starter kit in which every model is about 4 pieces total - much easier!

Heroes, big cannon and dread arms
Then last night spent some time getting bases ready with magnets (I like to move my stuff around on metal trays), and preparing for next step.

Pledge starting to come together
Now I have assembled 10 Tactical Marines - 5 from the previous standard tactical kit (top photo), a few recycles, and a few from the dark vengeance kit. Armaments include a plasma cannon, plasma gun, plasma pistol sergeant (sensing a theme here?) and boltguns. The sergeant got a wristorectomy and now has the option of chainsword or power sword with some 3mm magnets. Finally I felt like I needed a 2IC in case of combat squadding, so I repurposed a black reach sergeant and gave him a bolt gun instead of a chainsword.

Alongside them is a venerable dreadnought and all his arms (now with magnetised base), and a sweet sweet terminator captain/company master from the dark vengeance kit. Not a big fan of his base kit so thinking he may get a shield or a hammer somewhere along the line but for now I don't have the bits to make this happen.

On to painting next!

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