Monday, February 22, 2016

Tale of 40K Gamers - Glen #2 Word Bearer Sergeant

I have been working through the Word Bearers from Betrayal at Calth.  All are assembled and base coated with the old airbrush.

To fill out my initial 400 points I'll use a squad of 10 Word Bearers with plasma gun and missile launcher, the Chaplain as a Dark Apostle and as a Contemptor is a bit high points wise I'll use the Dreadnought as a Hellbrute.

Here is the finished sergeant for the squad.  I added a book from the Skaven Plague Monk set and the backpack icon and a bolt pistol from a Chaos Marine set.  I have painted the runes again on the armour, careful linework giving a sense of etching on the armour.


  1. Very cool. Love the book and head tattoo.

  2. You've actually copied pages out of the Necronomicon! My right eye went into spasm when I zoomed the image. Emperor protect, what have you unleashed?