Monday, February 2, 2015

Painting - Eldar Swooping Hawks

After a long break (since Call to Arms) I have been playing 40k with my Eldar again.  Now I still played plenty of 40k during that time, but I branched out with Ultramarines, Grey Knights, new Blood Angels and even... Chaos Space Marines.  But with Over the Top near and no hope in hell of having another army painted in time it is back to the Craftworld for me.

With all the game options of 7th edition and the increased focus on mobility I have really come to like the Swooping Hawks.  No scatter Deep Strike, S4 AP4 ignore cover blast on Deep Strike, Jump Infantry, ability to go back into reserve, battle focus after Deep Striking, the list goes on.  A bargain for a base cost of 80 points for 5!

Over the Top is an escalation tournament with games broken down into two at 1000, two at 1500 and  at 2000.  The Hawks may not be in all the lists but as the smaller lists must come out of the 2000 points I needed to finally paint some.  I own about 15 metal Swooping Hawks in a couple of different edition incarnations.  I selected the best 6 which I could match wings to and got underway.

Here are the results.  If time allows I may paint the Aspect symbol on their helmets as well.  I have a couple Grav tanks and a Hornet all painted and highlighted but their hulls seem like a blank canvas to me.  With the freehand I have done on all my other vehicles I really must find some inspiration and quickly.

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  1. Look really good man! Will have to have some games sometime!