Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Painting - Better Wave Serpent Pics

Never let it be said I don't pay attention to requests - so here you are Luke the all mighty MonkeyChuka as per requested, better pictures of the Wave Serpent and all the higher resolution flaws.

Monkeychukka is correct when he commented on the Wave Serpent matching my Wraithknights more than the older Wave Serpents.  This is because the paint range has changed over the years and I simply wanted to use some slightly different tones of colour.

I have almost got both Imperial Knights to 'tabletop' standard, though I will be doing a lot more work on them after Over the Top.


  1. aaw yeah, now thats what I'm talking about. I don't see any flaws. It would be an honour to be tabled by you, sir.

  2. Not based or on a movement tray = no painting score points from me :P