Monday, February 9, 2015

Painting - Eldar Wave Serpent

This coming weekend I am attending Over the Top in Hamilton and yes I am taking the Eldar.

So I finally painted up a 4th Wave Serpent - insert Eldar spam joke here?

As all my other Wave Serpents have freehand on them it was only right that this one does too.  So after taking inspiration from the cover of Warhammer Endtimes Curse of Khaine, I painted an Avatar on the hull!  While not being quite as laden with runes and spectral images as the other tanks, this fits in well beside the others.

Just a 2nd Hornet to finish and some final work on a couple Imperial Knights for Alex and Cody to use.


  1. Very nice, great addition to the force game and painting wise

  2. I dug out a picture of your other ones from Call To Arms. I hesitate to inflate your ego even further but this one might be better. It seems to fit with the Wraithknights colour scheme more consistently anyway. Resolution not high enough! Can you show us a close up of the Avatar at least?