Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Painting WIP - Skullcannons

After having this pair of delightful monstrosities base coated red since before last years NZTC, I thought I had better make some progress on them.

I re-undercoated the cannons with Vallejo Model Air Bright Brass then a wash of Agrax Earthshade.   The flesh was Bugman's Glow washed with the old Ogryn Flesh and then darkened with Druchii Violet.  The red was Mephiston Red with Earthshade in the recesses and highlighted with Fire Dragon Bright.

I applied some Nihilakh Oxide in sections to the brass as a bright contrast along with the highlighted bone.

I still have to add the crew.  It will be a Bloodletter and cultist conversion on each rig.  The cultists to fit in with ones I have in my Plaguebearer and Pink Horror units.


  1. YAY actually painted skullcannons!

  2. You are a painting master: he who can make skullcannons look not horrendous.