Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick update few days before Skitterleap

Only a few days out from tournament this weekend and I have vowed not to have yet another late painting night. Hopefully get the last few pieces finished tomorrow. Here are some pics of my progress

First up my zombie dragon (using terrorgheist rules for tournament but prefer zombie dragon model)

Mounted Vampire thrall, also known as 200pt scroll caddy.


Zombie block 1

Zombie block 2

Picture of army core and Varghulfs

Picture of whole army pre work on zombie dragon with a travelling board I am working on.

So quite a fair bit of work done. Main bits left to do are the basing of the knights and the zombie dragon, making 1 more zombie (79 done out of 80),  and finishing zombie dragon to tidy tabletop standard. I think that is achievable in the few nights I have left.

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