Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vampire Count FAQ

Oh happy days

The FAQ is finally out for VC and yes you can scream into units in combat that the screaming unit is not itself in combat with and this with Skitterleap less than a week away!

The dual Terrorgheists I'm using just got a bit better.

Also nice to see the overrun/crumble issue has been officially clarified to no a charging unit that crumbles and undead unit can in fact not overrun.

Get it here


  1. yup. Core "Tax" now = max out units of doggies :D

  2. Charlie and I are looking at building HH armies in a Tale of 4 Gamers type narrative. Looking for others.

    My aim is to run a HH campaign weekend mid to late next year

    1. Then count me in by all means sir, now to pick a legion though. Any thoughts you want to put in the above post?