Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Dark Night Rises

Gathered my army for Skitterleap all together last week and realised quite a bit of work still to be done.

Over the week I have managed to mostly finish my 40 skeletons who were half done, finished and base another 60 zombies (80 total done now) and do a fair amount of basing work. Thus leaving me with 2 weeks to focus on the big part of my list, the black knight bus and the two mounted vampires. Don't have any specific model pictures at the moment as I finished last night and my phone camera isn't good in the dark

I do have a couple of shots from some Sunday gaming at Chateau Dunne. First up played Pete himself with his Night Goblins. 

Game went back and forth for a while. I put knights on the flank but between itchy nuisance and hand of gork I never made it to the big target they were heading for. Terrorgheist got on same flank and screamed his way through most a spider, unit of archers and finally both doom divers. Summoned unit of zombies and dogs drew out most fanatics which hung around Pete's army most of the game until my knights destroyed a squig hopper block (taking heavy losses) and popped them killing the 3 nearby fanatics. Lost two varghulfs who took a few wounds on the way in then failed to kill more than 4 night goblins with 10 attacks and 2 thunderstomps leading to a double combat res crumble for them. Game ended a draw with my characters, knight bus and terrorgheist alive and on Pete's side surviving was a big block of gobbos and 4 (!) characters all hiding out inside hand of gorking away from my two angry mounted vampires who managed to dodge death by doom divers after their black knights disappeared.

I had a game versus Tom and his Khorne with splash of Slaanesh daemons army. Forgot to take any photos as it was rather short. Turns out a Bloodthirster is rather good in combat, a 20" charge and 2 killing blows on my vampire lord put him back in the ground while my varghulfs got bogged down by daemon chaff. My zombie horde managed to last 2 rounds against each respective bloodletter horde, could have been longer had I a vampire lord still around to keep topping them up. My terrorgheist didn't have room to land close enough to his Bloodthirster to scream before his charge thanks to my poor choice of side and Tom's excellent placement. Instead he showed a unit of screamers what screaming is before crumbling from the Lord demise (him and 4 zombies my total loss from general death!). Skeletons and foot vampire with book of arkhan managed to almost get through the chaff on the right flank but were in line for being flanked by angry bloodletters so I conceded.

In other news I put together some infinity terrain I recently acquired. These holo boards ( arrived at my place in less than 2 working days (bought Sunday night, here Tuesday day), kudos again Slave to Painting and I get a free lollipop to get me started. The big one will need gluing to stay together (hence the rubber bands) but will paint the stand first. The other two sit there happy as with about 15min of pushing out of the laser cut frames and slotting together. Fantastic terrain from micro art studio.

More work to be done on the Fantasy army this week, hopefully have some daylight shots of the new hordes of zombies and finally get some decent colours on my black knights.

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  1. You're doing bloody well with the undead painting, I better play catch up myself this week.

    Yeah I think the Bloodthirster ranks up there with the lads who come in the 'good at combat' category. Not much is going to save you from that.

    Love the Infinity terrain, sure it goes well with your 'bathroom' Tau collection ;)