Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wryth's Week in Wargaming

Heres an update on what I've been doing wargame wise in the last week or so.

Above is the first 'Custode' Grey Knight Terminator I've started on for my Inquisition GK army. It's not quite done and as the photo shows I have to tidy up some edges but overall I'm happy with the worn golden shade to the armour. It was achieved with a boltgun metal and Mithril Silver base then successive layers of Golden Sepia wash and a little Devlan Mud. Not sure how I'm going to base the army yet but it may be amongst some arcane ruins or an old temple complex Coteaz and his forces have seen fit to cleanse.

This fella is a test paint for my possible Orc & Goblin force and I thoroughly enjoyed working on it. I know I would have potentially about 100 of these to paint but it was suprisingly fast to paint and not fiddly at all. The dirty golden hoods would be throughout the whole army as I see the potential force being comprised of travelling mercantile Orcs and Goblins capturing, training and selling off a menagerie of exotic beasties to other factions in the warhammer world. The yellow will represent their obsesson with gold/wealth. Already have ideas of a large wagons being dragged by Arachnaroks and Giants.

In actual game play I had a couple games last weekend against Dave from Feilding who I met at CTA. He brought along a very nasty dual Stormraven Blood Angel build. Game 1 was against my standard tournament Eldar build and I took control of the table soundly. A couple of bad morale checks from Dave saw his jump pack combat squads flee the table from mass fire and Dante's command squad not moving from their dropped position due to Nightspinner attacks saw a combined round of shooting and Harlequin assault wipe any threat off the board.

Cody played him next with his Dark ELdar but unfortunatly didn't do so well. I wasn't watching the game but as far as I can tell the Blood Angels massacred the DE.

I threw together a fun CSM force after that and even though I lost in the end I destroyed a satisfying amount of Daves force. After that quick game we had time for one more bash so out came the WIP Coteaz/GK list. Ryan has been helping me work on the list and via email had provided me with a very nice build with most of the toys I like in. The general strategy for the list is to create a nice 24" bubble of death for the opponent which worked wonderfully against the Blood Angels! Dave had no idea what hit him when my DCA/Crusader squad barrelled out of their Land Raider into Dante and co and the other DCA/Crusader unit aboard the reserved Stormraven flew in later in the game to wipe out his objective camping combat squads. The Callidus Assassin is proving a nice one shot nuisance for the enemy but usually getting killed by mass fire after the fact. The rest of the build works well though so I think I'll keep at it and see how it performs in the long run.

Other than all those games on Sunday we had an enjoyable D&D game monday night with the boys dealing with a Dragon, insane Bard and a Cryohydra in good order to carry on with the 4th main part of the Shackled City campaign.

I have been distracted as the weeks gone on though as my new limited edition Gears of War 3 xbox arrived =D oh xbox how I missed you so. I'm quite impressed with Gears 3 but thats no suprise however I have popped in Space Marine and my god what a bloody fun game that is. They have captured the look and scale of 40k so well and after a rocky start I've even been having a good time playing multiplayer too - gotta love the customisation tool set. A modified Black Templar for the loyalists and a sweet Alpha Legion skin for Chaos!

Anyways on the painting table now is a metal Wraithlord bound for Oz, a hadful of random Imperial Guardsmen as I experiment trying to find an Imperial colour scheme I like and more newly arrived Sisters of Battle for Wil!

Oh well a little more Xbox then back to painting right...

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