Friday, September 2, 2011

Homecon Chaos take 2?!

Ok so after Jack's advice and thinking a litle bit more about what I'd like the army to do I have come up with the following, comments please as usual

Sorcerer Lord, L4, Infernal Puppet, Talisman of Preservation, Stream of Corruption 370

Exalted Hero, Tzeentch, BSB, Shield, Ironcurse Icon 155
Exalted Hero, Tzeentch, Disc, Charmed Shield 5, Book of Secrets, 3rd Eye of Tzeentch, Talis of Prot, Biting Blade 215

20 Chaos Warriors, Tzeentch, FC, Shields, Standard of Discipline 385
30 Marauders, Khorne, FC, Flails 200
30 Marauders, Khorne, FC, GW 200
5 Chaos Hounds 30

6 Chaos Trolls
5 Chaos Knights, Khorne, Muso 240

Warshrine 130
Hellcannon 205

Total 2400

Keeps a mobile disc riding character to steal spells but has a better stat line so can threaten the rare lines more.

The warshrine will augment a unit where it needs too and the 6 trolls will indeed be more effective.

Got rid of the collar of Khorne as it did offend the fluff enthusiast in me! Tjough I am now missing the dispel scroll which can always be an bonus in games!


  1. It looks stronger Glen. What lore is the Book guy using - please say Fire! A level 1 with fireball is amazingly effective, especially with the puppet around.

    For what it's worth, you shouldn't need a scroll as much as other armies anyway, because the puppet should help deter big dice spells unless they are necessary.