Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post Homecon

I had a fantastic weekend of gaming in Wellington.

Firstly I had 2 very entertaining games of 40K vs Ryan and his GKs while I playtested a couple variations of my hybrid GK/Coteaz list. A highlight was in the first game both our Dreadknights getting into assault with each other and with similtaneous rolls taking each other out via their force weapons. I also started putting a GK Brotherhood champion in with the mixed DCA/Crusader squad. Rerolls to hit in that squad is very nasty and the Brotherhood champ is great for picking off IC's and MC's.

On Saturday I made my way to Pete Dunn's house with transport kindly provided by Ryan(he wanted to see if WHFB was for him) and had two awesome days of Fantasy games.

I may not have placed overly high up the ranks(I came 8/10) but I won half my games! I got to play against some very good opponents Tim, Tom, Neil, Peter, Pete and Ben with some very nice armies and talk about the game system and various army books with people who know what they're talking about.. most of the time.

However after even the first days games I felt that the WoC are not for me, they are a very good army with plenty of variety but the march across the board and hit stuff style of play just didn't entertain me enough. So after skimming the Ogre book, reading the Tomb King book in between England beating up Argentina Saturday night and a few more chats on Sunday with the lads I think I'm going to try Orcs and Goblins next.

They are the army I originally played with when I started Fantasy many many years ago with a school friend who had gotten the old box set with the High Elves and Goblins and large cardboard stand ins for Grom the Paunch on his Chariot and the Griffon. They have a balanced up to date book, they have an extensive model range I can have a lot of fun with, they have monsters(yay) and if your game plan falls apart just blame the stupid animosity rules and keep on laughing. I have quite a large collection of the greenskins dumped into boxes so with a bit of sorting and care I may be able to get something up and running...or fleeing as is most likely!

So a big thank you to Pete for the invite, use of his Chaos models and his fantastic hospitality in his home. I may not have 100% settled on a fantasy army yet but at least I'm eliminating some and narrowing the options.

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