Monday, October 10, 2011

Reasons not excuses!

I have not posted for a couple weeks and the above is part of the 'reason' why.

After my original Xbox 360 suffered from the RROD a few months ago I have been patiently waiting for the right combo to be released for its replacement. With the release of Gears of War 3 I got the wonderful limited edition set as pictured above. However it is not GoW3 that has caused my blogging and painting to suffer but the fantastic Space Marine by THQ and Relic.

I like a lot of other 40k players I know have thoroughly enjoyed this game. I liked pretty much everything about it. They captured the 40k experience so well, the setting, graphics, story and music. I played it through solidly on Hard and finished it a while ago. So that would be the end of it right? No I then started multiplayer and other than being able to chat away to my mates in Auckland while playing I have really enjoyed it. I don't even mind the lag which maked the slow Thunder Hammer a bit arse. I have tinkered with the customizer a lot and settled on a gold armour with 'blood raven red' trim just like my custodes while my chaos skin is alpha legion.

But I really must get back to some serious painting, Wil is settled in Ottawa and I need to get his Sisters of Battle off to him. I have many many Orcs and Goblins to repair and paint so I can actually have a fantasy army done and Space Marine itself has inspired me to have a marine army of some sort for myself... sigh... So I shall do my best to ration my spare time better, I still want to finish GoW3 but that can wait a little bit until job1 - SoB are done.

To think that mid November Assassin's Creed Revelation and Skyrim are coming out Jebus. Alison tells me I'm forbidden playing Revelation unitl she finishes it first, something about not wanting the ending spoiled for her pssh! She did come home with the official Space Marine guide for me on Friday though as after flipping through it thought I would like the concept art section - she was right. Hmm Marines, traitor guard, Grey Knights, more Eldar... what to do... hard life this gaming carry on

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