Monday, October 17, 2011

Cleatus the Cultist?

Got your attention?

Had a fairly productive weekend painting wise even if I didn't actually play any games.

Got another 10 Sisters of Battle done so painted this inbred little fella. I have plans for him and his 'kind' as they make great cultists/warrior acolytes for an Inquisition army or whatever you'd like to count it as.

The model is an old GW chaos cultist which I have a few of thanks to Gromm/Emmett giving me his Thousand Sons army many moons ago. He used the cultists as Sorcerer thralls in the old chaos codex, y'know the good one ;) The cultists have been sitting in the box of random imperial and character models with a simple coat of scorched brown the only thing on them. Being partially inspired by the washed out tones of the locust in Gears of War(which after not playing all week I finished yesterday - now they can look forward to tomorrow). The ragged cloth is Tausept Ochre and Iyanden Darksun with Devlan Mud washes. Quite like how he turned out so when I get another batch of SoB complete I may paint another to break up all the red armour.

In RPG news the boys start on the next chapter of Shackled City tonight with the Demonskar Legacy - once they get their xp from last week they should all be 8th level or very close and what has made life easier for them is the return of Womble/Aaron a longtime bud who has been off gaming for a few years because of work hours but hes back and rocking a drunken master Monk which balances the party nicely - welcome back Womble!


  1. If you end up needing more of these old guys let me know.

  2. Sweet I just may take you up on that - got a plan in the works...