Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mordheim - Warband progress

So over the past few weekends we have continued to play a game or two of Mordheim.  I even bought some Helldorado miniatures from Slave to Painting to supplement the warband.  They are very nice metal miniatures with very little flash or mold lines present.  Once I get around to painting them I will share.

It is interesting how things begin to scale in it Mordheim.  Initially I was doing very well with my Tilean rogues but as the xp ticks over the more monstrous creatures of the cursed city begin to claw their way to the top of the heap.   We have enjoyed some massive terrain choked multi player games.  Dan's Possessed Carnival has gotten away with a massive amount of Wyrdstone due to the rest of engaging in combat with each other and being very wary of his leveled up pair of Possessed.

Dan's Dark Carnival and Aaron's Undead are bringing some intimidating warband members to the table.  Dan's possessed and mutants are maxing out their strength stats through good fortune on the advancement rolls and Aaron's Vampire boasting an increasing statline finally found his suit of Gromril armour.  Yes Aaron if you buy him a shield that's a 3+ armour save.  The 18" charge/run he has from the Sprint skill is the icing on the cake.

Where does this leave the humans?  Well some expensive losses from henchman deaths and Esante getting robbed after a game! Have really knocked the Gankers about.  With the human statline capped earlier than the Chaos blessed and Vampires it's down to a good selection of skills to accumulate.

Esante got hit with a chest wound putting a permanent -1 on his toughness but I soon gained Resilience to count strength against him in melee at -1.  His good fortune with Step Aside and Parry rolls also means he is annoying as ever to my opponents, I'm sure my heavily accented commentary during the game has nothing to do with it.

Corrus my warband leader has 3 attacks now!  Thats a lot in Mordheim, with his paired swords he is quite formidable in combat.  The above image depicts Corrus, on the right about to tear Dan's Carnival mutant - Kissing Booth I think, a new one but with a fluff of the rolls my leading combine harvester got the smack down.  He then suffered a Head Injury, this could have been my chance to get Frenzy, stacking nicely with all the attacks.  But no, Corrus was struck with Stupidity like his rebellious swordsman Esante.  Here's hoping for a leadership boost next time.

The other heroes haven't really done anything to shine yet, though Tyro the promoted swordsman has done well with his random ballistic skill increase and a crossbow.  The rest just have to do their best to pick off vulnerable enemies and maintain distance before the inhuman monstrosities close in.  In our multi player games where your deployment zone is determined by a dice roll I seem to keep ending up next to the undead and that 18" charge.  As long as Esante is in the front the others shall be fine.

This weekend just been, we dusted off the original Necromunda rulebooks and had a couple games of that too.  It has been many many years since I played it but most of the mechanics from the pseudo 2nd ed 40k era came back to me.  In the two games that were played no one actually made it into melee, though I did intend too but you get so close with a plasma pistol and of course you are going to shoot it!.

So now we can skip between Fantasy and 40k settings too.  Good motivation to paint up some odd characterful miniatures for both systems.

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