Thursday, October 10, 2013

Painting - WIP DA Deathwing Land Raider Crusader

I haven't posted any painting updates in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been putting paint on plastic.  In between work, gaming, husbandly duties, helping with my Sister's Wedding and a lot of distracting GTA V I have been working on this Land Raider for a good mate.

My friend wanted a Deathwing Land Raider Crusader with some chapter images on it.  So after applying the base coat - thank you army painter spray range - and going around all the rivets and line work with agrax earthshade, then looking at it for a couple weeks I got to work on the freehand.  I used the Company and Sacred standards from the Codex as a basis.  I worked up the Chapter Banner image on the left and the Fortitude image on the right with a partial Deathwing Standard image on the front.

After those images were sorted I felt the need to restrict myself less.  After skimming over the previous and current codices I found a couple images of Imperial cherubs I liked and began painting them in a more relaxed manner as if I was painting on paper or a canvas.  This is the part of freehand work I like the most, not having to worry if it lines up right or is in the right ratio. Its just getting a hopefully cool looking image on the miniature.  Luckily I sent my mate a pic of the images at an earlier stage and he loved it. 

Next I painted very thin lines with thinned Scorch Brown then used Pallid Wych flesh to give an edge to these painted cracks and fracture points.  Seeing as the top right felt a little bit empty I then painted the traditional Dark Angel robed figure in the space.

I have now just started some weathering on the hull and some real work on the weapons.  Some careful sponging of Scorched Brown on the hull edges is all I have managed so far but I intend to add some streaks from the rivets with weathering powders and scorch marks around vents and the engine.  This is all between heists with Franklin, Michael and Trevor of course.


  1. "husbandly duties"...NSFW dude :P

    Looking great. Can't wait to see the finished tank...

    I will be extracting every little 40k painting technique from you this summer so I can make my Marines look awesome.

    1. Sorry Joel maybe I should have worded it as Spousal Obligations ;)

      I already have some ideas for your Marines. It will be good to see you with a painted army that has round bases.

    2. Somehow that sounds more NSFW...

      Looks awesome. In particular I really like the cracking effect you have pulled off. The forehand stuff adds to the long service and revered relic 'feel' marine land raiders should have. Doesn't look too busy either. You could easily pickup more best painted awards to line your shelf with stuff like this!