Friday, September 13, 2013

Warpfire - The Rise of the Necromancer

After enjoying a mix of Mordheim and 40k over the last three weekends, I will be heading to Wellington tonight.  This Saturday Warpfire is being played, a 1000 point one day Fantasy tournament.  There is no comp and you can check out some of the lists over on Fields of Blood.

Now I had this list worked out well before the 'veto' option got lifted, should be good for a fun days gaming with some different scenarios.

Master Necromancer, Level 3, Lore of Vampires, Seed of Rebirth

Tomb Banshee

5 Dire Wolves
25 Zombies, Standard
20 Zombies, Standard
20 Zombies, Standard

6 Crypt Horrors
2 Fell Bats

Mortis Engine

It is unsubtle and moves about as a large brick.  With a multitude of 1+ saves and low model counts to fight against I will be praying to Nagash to roll high on the two screams I have.

Tonight we also officially start a Dreadball league where I shall be coaching the Star Spangled Strikers in the debut season.

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  1. Compared to some of the absolute filth that other ppl are bringing thats relatively friendly mate