Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Over the Top 2013

The Hamilton Immortals hosted the Over the Top 2013 tournament over the last weekend, and 2 Wellingtonians (Wil and myself) along with 2 Levin/ites/ers/ees (Cody and Glen) made the road trip to the city of the future. Wil and I went for the fantasy tournament while Glen and Cody slummed it in the (much larger) 40k tournament.

 Lake Taupo pre swim Codicus

Music selection for the road trip included a Nelly Furtardo CD so Wil could be in theme with his man eater army for the event. Brilliant weather on the road trip so we stopped at Lake Taupo for a quick dip then some pub grub and liquid refreshment. Much gaming discussion ensued. Old man O'clock (9:30pm) hit so I took over driving from Wil. Hit the supermarket for essential supplies (coffee, beer, bananas and muesli) then checked into the hotel once finally arrived in Hamilton.

Pub grub and liquid refreshment.

Day 1 was hectic for Wil and myself. 4 X 2400pt games of fantasy is a lot to fit into one day. Played a couple of Dark Elf armies first up, quite the learning experience for me getting 9-11 on the first and 19-1 on the second. I don't remember many details but enjoyed both outings, a tough army to face.

Epic VC bus fight in game 3 with my Terrorgheist charging in the rear while my bus hit the front and dogs hit side of Rory's bus. My Terrorgheist finally got a decent scream (double 5!) which killed 6 knights actually lost me the combat. My uber hero with anti heroes (7 X S8 ASF attacks) only could and only did kill one model, the unit champ, while the vampire lords killed each other and his heroes ripped my bus to pieces for lots of res and my side crumbled massively. Loss 6-14 with myself

Fun times while playing skaven last in day having a plague spell jump 5 times, affecting 3 each of our units but I think in the end killing more rats than deadites. Also the bell blowing up my safe watchtower victory turn 3 leading to a more interesting game. Ended 11-9.

I finished last amidst some hungry looks from the other three, so we all headed to kfc and bk to chow down. My brother had came down from Auckland so we all had a few drinks and some nerd conversation.

Day 2 faced wood elves, mission included special rule in turn 1/2 all units roll d6, roll a 1 and cannot march. hexwraiths and t gheist fail both turn 1 and 2. Yay. Hexies hid from archers who got magic attacks from hill. Managed to get across board and smashed through treeline, lost ~25 the ghouls to a kadon dragon flame and then overextended losing them on final turn. Failing to reform knight bus meant I missed out getting general+bsb+expensive archers. 7-13

Last game versus Bretonnians, screamed the pegasus knights to pieces, 3 units of dogs all charged one stack of peasant archers and all died to kill 3 of them (even with failed fear). Lost 4 knights to difficult terrain. Young Bret knights fail restrain, charge my bus and wipe out all the bk in one round. Bats tied up trebuchet after it one shot the Terrorgheist. hexies tried to hide from yet another terrain piece giving magic attacks, but caught by the grail knights. Ghouls had a grind against one big knight unit that the two vampire joined in to hide from shooting. They broke, ghouls failed to run down and vampires could not pursue as would put them in charge of big nasty unit so no points there. Finished 8-12.

So 60/120, 9th from 18 total, dead (pun fully intended) even. Not bad. Some more bk then truck stop food after another swim on the way home.

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