Sunday, February 3, 2013

Horus Heresy Raven Guard

Here are some pics of my first Raven Guard Legion tactical squad for the Horus Heresy project.

Just have to get some Raven Guard transfers from FW and have some more water effects on the way to fill the bases a bit more. I will have to do a little work on the veteran sergeants base too as I had completed him before I got the blasted wetland bases.

As I will be painting Cody's Ultramarines as well throughout the project, the difference in armour patterns and colour schemes will mix it up nicely. Talking to him about what he plans to include in his 'Calth' force also means there won't be too much duplication in the units so I'll get to paint a variety.

What I intend to take for my overall Raven Guard force is dependant on what little information is provided in Raven's Flight and Deliverance Lost. As I want my force to comprise of the Raven Guard struggling for the 98 days on Isstvan V I won't be including the Raven Guard Raptor initiates yet. In Raven's Flight the Raven Guard engage with and armoured detatchment of Iron Warriors. When Corax issues the orders to his remaining forces it mentions tactical companies, bike units and assault squads. Once the fighting begins the Raven Guard attack with a lot of Missile Launcher and Lascannon fire as well. I can expand these units a little with the specifics in the FW Legion list and I may also include a Dreadnought or two as they are mentioned in Deliverance Lost, seems plausible they may have had one or two left after the initial massacre.

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  1. Nice dark and gritty. Forgot to take photo of my test guy this morning, was busy packing the bikes into the car. Heading to Joels after work for first DA outing, 1000pt bikes versus orks. See how Sammy goes.