Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Horus Heresy - Raven Guard Sergeant complete

Here is my first Raven Guard HH miniature completed as of last night.

I've done a freehand Raven Guard symbol on the kneepad, heavy weathering on the cloak and added a dusty look to the lower parts of the armour, a half green field on the shoulder to designate tactical squad and some wear on the Lightning Claw blades.

Did what I could to make what could be a very boring colour scheme to paint a bit more interesting. If I add the same simple weathering and damage to the rest of the tactical squad when I work on them, it should work well. Small additions like equipment pouches and grenades should break it up too.


  1. Looking good! has got a real gritty feel to it. Well done on the freehand aswell, looking very sharp!

  2. Nice work mate. Looking forward to the rest of the squad. Well done with the weathering and detail.