Tuesday, December 4, 2012

40K campaign - Heresy in the Hub

The Imperial Distribution Centre for the Chyross system or The 'Hub', has been the centre for transport and goods in it's region of space for centuries. The world on which the IDCC was built was once Chyross IV but with cavernous storage facilities, sprawling habitation blocks for the indentured labour forces, skyhook relays for the orbital transit platforms and fortress like spires filled with Imperial bureaucracy, it bares no resemblance to the planet surveyed by the Priesthood of Mars.

In recent months criminal activity and violent crime has seen a steady increase within the labour population. The security forces based on the Hub have been stretched to their limits, with extreme cases of Arbite units going missing in the subterranean hab blocks. Civil unrest and public protests against the ruling administration has also been reported. The Chief Administrator Gollen Corschel has applied to the Imperial Governor on Chyross Prime for aid. Governor Marcus Towerson has authorised units from the Chyrosian Planetary Defence Force to reinforce the Hub until the civil unrest has been quelled. If this behaviour in the labour population was to escalate further, the effect on the systems and production of the Hub would be disasterous for the sector.

The forces responsible for these increasing disturbances are agents of the dark powers of Chaos itself. Units of Traitor Marines have secreted themselves within the labyrinthine levels of the Hub's Industrial zones. Making contact with minor cults within the populace, they have fanned the fires of resentment in the beleagured labour clans. Letting the newly heretical fanatics take the brunt of Imperial pacification, the Traitor Astartes siphon more resources towards their nefarious goals.

This is the outline for the setting of a narrative campaign I am about to start for 40K. This campaign is open to any players I know in the area, even those a bit further away could participate if they want too. My intention is to provide a localised setting for our games other than a random collection of terrain on a table. For newer players and those who have made the transition to 6th ed it could be a way to start a new army or just get some models painted that have been neglected for sake of competitive play, It could of course have the end goal of getting a nicely thematic army painted up for competitive play as well.

As I am taking part in a 'Tale of X Gamers - Horus Heresy' set up by Pete at Fields of Blood, this could be an oppurtunity to learn the ways of Warhammer Pew Pew Pew(as someone called it)and help shape those Heresy forces too.

I am currently painting up the Chaos forces from the Dark Vengeance box set because without this the fantastic miniatures would just join all the other hordes of grey plastic and metal in the boxes of my gaming room. I know that some of the DV units are not that flash if at all for competitive play, but on a smaller initial scale they could be perfect for causing trouble on the Hub.

This Saturday will have the first games for the campaign at my place - Sunday will be more Fantasy focused though with small forces we can always do a bit more 40k. Forces are to be based around '40k in a flash', combat patrol, 40k in 40 minutes etc. Wins for either side at this stage will stack points and start to indicate how initial encounters are shaping the environment and inhabitants of the Hub. I have no restrictions on any codex I can think of as long as the player can come up with an appropriate reason for being on the Hub. Its a very large, very old place so whether its a 'counts as' Genestealer cult, Eldar Outcasts or an Inquisitive Necron Overlord I don't mind at all, just pick a side you will contribute victory points to, either the Imperium or Chaos forces.

Later on I plan on having random events happen within games as one side or the other brings greater forces to bear on their opponent. Team games are always fun and in the future if people are enjoying it a bit of Apocalypse could be planned.

For those chaps coming to game this weekend and wanting to start shaping the narrative these are the restrictions around your forces.

Army limitations
Each player’s army must conform to the rules below:
• Armies are no more than 500 points
• You must have one troop choice
• You may have one HQ choice but no more than one. You do not have to take an HQ choice.
• You may spend any remaining points on anything from your codex list from the Standard Troop Organization chart.
• No special characters allowed
• No vehicles with a total armor equal to or greater than 33 for front, side and rear armor combined.
*Depending on your alliegence you MUST include either 1 unit of Chaos Cultists from Codex Chaos Space Marines or 1 single 10 man unit of Imperial Guard chosen from the Infantry Platoon(this does not include the usual platoon command and 2-5 squads - just 1 10 man squad is required). These represent local forces embroiled within the growing conflict. They will be treated as Battle Brothers to your parent forces under the 6th ed ally rules for purposes of the narrative.

Usually these type of rules have a restriction on wounds, monstrous creatures and 2+ armour but unless players have any major issues I would like people to play with what they like within the limitations. Someone may really want to paint up and use a Terminator squad for example. I have a lot of various Imperial Guard, Chaos Cultist and Necromunda models if people want to make use of them or proxy for their 'local' forces.

If interested, have questions or already coming please feel free to comment here or email me. I have already been sent a brilliant story and list From Joel at Brush of Doom about his Ork 'Priest' and his cult of Gork!

Should be good fun and motivate me to post more narrative battle reports.


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