Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Gaming

This weekend I am hosting quite a bit of gaming.

What was going to be a 3-4 people has escalated into 8-10 players from Wellington to the Hawkes Bay descending on my place for some Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and Star Wars rpg.

Some players want to trial Fantasy lists for upcoming events - Skitterleap and the NZTC. Learn 6th ed 40K - for the Fantasy players they have the round bases. For a couple its an excuse for a good catch up.

I plan on having a game or two with my Vampire Count lists including the dual Terrorgheists. Break out the Space Marines for a change, probably using some of the Dark Vengeance miniatures and run a Star Wars role playing game Saturday night.

Now in regards to the SWRPG I am really looking forward to it. I have asked the participating players to send me a brief character idea and I will have their stats and sheets ready to go, so we have the following line up.

Charismatic human scoundrel like Mal from Firefly.

Mercenary bristling with guns.

Imperial trained human who is Force Sensitive but hates Jedi and other Force traditions and now hunts them.

Very angry young Jedi on the run from the Imperial purge.

Butt ugly assassin dual wielding pistols and a sword.

Wookie female 'priest' with the healing touch who fights with bare hands/claws and a bowcaster.

I still have to find out what a couple other players want to be so with the current lineup it should be full of interplayer conflict - good times! I will be throwing a serious spanner into their interactions so it should be an entertaining game if nothing else.

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  1. *edit it's an attractive Female wookie with the "healing touch" *wookie growl*

    Looking forward to it.