Saturday, September 8, 2012

Infinity & Twin Gheists - Current WIP

Been painting a bit sporadically since being back from holiday. Multiple hobby projects turning over in my head as usual and the arrival of my Limited Edition Dark Vengeance box only added to this.

However I had already decided that I would get the Yu Jing starter I bought for Infinity painted up first before anything else. (apologies for the photos but they were phone pics as the Camera had a post(thankfully)holiday fit and will be off for repairs asap)

I painted these in brighter colours than I usually work with, wanting to reflect the more anime feel of the models. The 'yellow' is Tausept Ochre with Iyanden Darksun on top. Fenris Blue, black wash then succesive lighter layers on the armour. The green is the new Sybarite green which is pretty cool. Green wash then layered up and highlighted. I was going to do a bit more on them but they are fine for play once we give the game a go. I will give them a suitable urban base scheme when I see something I like.

The next thing to work on is the pair of Terrorgheists I picked up in the States. The one leaning down was made following the Terrorgheist build exactly while the one rearing up was using the Zombie Dragon leg/wing build but the Gheist head/neck.

There are a lot of knooks and crannys on these beasties so painting is going to be all sorts of fun. Thet're only blutacked to the bases so at least that makes things easier. They'll be seeing action come Skitterleap time, teaming up with a couple banshees. Though a Mr Tom Dunn will tell you it wont be enough screaming and a third Gheist with Skabscrath bearing Ghoul King is what I should be doing ;)

I am resisting painting Space Marines until after these two are done but after putting together the Dark Angel Captain and Librarian from Dark Vengeance its going to be hard.

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  1. The terrorgiests are great looking models although I would hate to play against them