Saturday, September 8, 2012

40K FAQ update

So the new FAQ's are out and they are pretty damn good, get them here

Nice to see GW making these clarifications in a pretty quick manner, definitley addresses some things that have been discussed on variour forums and gaming rooms about the globe.

Things I noted after skimming through them.

Units with Infiltrate and Scout can deploy by Infilitrating can also make a Scout move. Got some potential depending on the units weapon ranges and terrain they may want to get into.

Look Out Sir is now taken on the closest model - no more within 6" shenanigans

Wolf Guard, Paladins and Nobs in a unit are not characters - stops some of the Look Out Sir cheese

Blood Angel weapon clarifications, Dante I'm sorry yes your Axe is an Axe. Astorath, yeah your Axe is an Axe too, you still get S6 though. Sanguinary Guard, watch out what Glaives you pick from the armoury ok. Tycho?! yeah your still awesome bro.

Dark Eldar wipe those tears aside, Incubi Klaives are AP2 off you go there are some Terminators over there. Archons, those Huskblades look quite good now dont they?

Dark Eldar you've been living in Commoragh too long. GW says you don't count as Eldar any more so no Fortune and Guide for you anymore. Better release those Enslaved Farseers. Harlequins better kick those Shadow Field Archons out of your troupes.

There is a lot in the GW Magenta but those are the things that stood out to me.

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  1. Sadly the Orks wore it hard with the FAQ. You now get cover saves vs the deff-rolla (????-it aint a shooting attack!), tank hammers are ap - (seriously????), Nobbikers now infantry (that was always going to happen), big choppas ap - (esp when other weapons gained ap). Only benefit was Gazghullz Waaaagh de-nerfed (relentless mega nobz...).

    Also sad to lose bomb squig anti flyer tactics and grabba klaw/boarding plank/wreakin' ball anti flyer as well...oh well.

    Still lovin' the greentide-warboss now leads from the front with his trusty "wound wearer" next door hehe