Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trazyn the Infinite

Or Old Man River as someone calls him...

Finished Trazyn last night amidst other painting projects. I may add some subtle green light effects to his eyes and ribs cage but I'm happy with him for now. Have to base him but that can wait until we work out exactly how we are going to do that. Thinking a tanned stone/rock look maybe with a slight reddish hue.

As my first finecast model I have painted he was in pretty good shape once I gave him a tidy up, and the lighter material was a lot easier to deal with and assemble.

The ceramic plating will be carried on through the other Necron models as will the blueish tinge to the metal but the red will be my colour of choice through my forces as a spot colour to signify which Overlord the Necron's obey. Though Stu did like the red so it may become universal anyway.

Still don't have a list myself but did play against the new Necrons on the weekend and all I can say is scarabs FTW, the entropic strike over so many attacks just chews through mech. I used a balanced vanilla marine list so Stu could see how the new rules would go against a variety of units and they were very successful. The large scarab units propped up by Spyders multi assaulting vehicles is rough and the Wraiths are a nice tarpit unit with their 3++ saves. I know the net says they are not competitive but who cares, for the home gaming environment they are a lot of fun.

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