Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Necron - Test Painting

Here are three old battered Necron Warriors which got a quick repaint for the new joint army. I have not stripped these or anything elaborate they are just a simple repaint over there existing colour which was a dusty metal.

We have on the right the "70's" scheme as the boys called it. I think it will go well on another model type like Tau but not the Necron.

On the far left we have a simple boltgun base coat with a wash of devlan mud and gryphonne sepia. The gun and shoulders are chaos black with a successive highlight on the edges of dark angel green, snot green then bilious green.

The central one is the one I completed about 10 minutes ago. Boltgun metal base, Asurmen blue wash then devlan mud wash. Little bit of boltgun metal and mithril silver highlighting. Plates and head are Dheneb Stone, light devlan mud wash, then edge/highlight dheneb stone then skull white. The gun is chaos black with grey edging. The little bit of green is the same as the above example.

I like the central one the most so far and I think the stone plates could look good on the larger vehicles but I must find agreement with Cody and Stu, right lads ;)

If any particular elements of the trial schemes so far look appealing let me know, or any one has suggestions. For example I could try the body colour sepia/mud washed metal with the dheneb stone plating?


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  1. I think the most important things are that the scheme translates to the vehicles well, and that it looks striking from a distance. In terms of the second, I reckon the central and right look the best, because of more contrast. Maybe mixing the darker metal from the right and the head from the central one to make the dheneb stone head stand out more?