Saturday, November 12, 2011

Necron - 1 week in

Last weekend Cody, Stu and I purchased a lot of new additions to our large Necron collection. We came out of GW with 2 boxes of Immortal/Deathmarks, 2 Praetorian/Lychguard, 2 Doomsday/Ghostark, 2 Command Barge/Annihilation barge and an Imotekh, Trazyn and Overlord and of course 3 codices.

With an inventory of the old collection taken we had over 3K of existing models without any HQ choices or C'tan and with the additions and a little planning we figure it'll be a bout 5K soon in total.

A very good basis to now build armies out of but gebus where to start! I really like how the Necron book is not an OP Ward tome like lets say GK are and I feel their awesome fluff and odd rules puts them more alongside good Kelly books like the Dark Eldar so well done Mr Ward on that. What I do find is that it is an army of nice little trick combos, you just have to plan your FOC choices around them.

I have no interest in building a WAAC list like the Spyder/Scarab/Imotekh list which has appeared online in the past week. This will be a nice list for fun games at home and one that will work with the collection that Cody and Stu will also be working with.

So far I like the looks of the terrain effecting rules - Writhing Worldscape on a C'tan shard, the Tremor staves of the Crypteks and the Diviner to cause trouble in your opponents first turn. If I work out a list it should be a big version of the nuisance that my twin Nightspinners cause my opponents just on a larger scale. Well see what I come up with. I'm finding the troop choices the hard things to nail down, Warrior blobs, in a barge, MSU Immortals?

In the meantime I have built a unit of Deathmarks and a Command barge which nicely can swap the dais for the Tesla Destructors and be an Annihilation barge too. I will say this for the kits... so many frakkin parts involved, while impressed I am not looking forward to tackling the Doomsday/Ghostark at all without some careful planning first.

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