Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prospero Burns

I have just finished Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett and I must say that after a lackluster start where I really struggled to get through the first few chapters it picked up a momentum that kept building right on through to the end of the book. Dan Abnett still delivers great detail and action and seasons the events with his own little pieces of 40k lore such as Enuncia which I remember from his fantastic Inquisitor trilogies.

I have never been a fan of the Space Wolves and having read Thousand Sons by Graham McNeil when it was released I felt sympathy for the 15th legion under Magnus' rule. However thankfully the account of the Space Wolves does not repeat the events of its sister book but expands on them and shos the other side in the final part of the story. The purpose for the Space Wolves as designed by the Emperor and their purposeful propagation of their barbaric reputation has made me like the Space Wolves a lot more. It saddens me that their current incarnation in 40K seems to be razorback and Longfang spam WTF.

I pulled out the Space Wolves codex and will probably proxy a list for fun. Big units of Blood Claws lead by Wolf Guard and elite Wolf Guard packs joined by heroic warriors is what the Space Wolves are supposed to be, IMO at least. Maybe its just because Im such a fan of the great 'fluff' that comes out but you can still make a functional army without breaking the flavour of an army and being a dick.

So anyway after a slow start the book gets a big recommendation from me and those of you who know my enthusiasm for good background/fluff know thats a good thing.

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  1. Cool dude with the upcome Dark ekdar 2ed wave Started working on the walking dead list :D