Monday, March 28, 2011

High Elf Archers & Spearmen

In the last couple of weeks I have still been painting for the rapidly upcoming Runefang weekend. I admit I was distracted by the fantastic Dragon Age 2 on xbox, but as I finished it yesterday morning I can now better focus on my painting again... good excuse eh. I finished the archers last week but had not posted them yet, again blame Bioware.

I finished the bases on the Spearmen yesterday post game completion. Time permitting I will free hand the banner and paint the gemstones along the top but they're tabletop ready for now. I had to do some extensive cutting and trimming on these and thankfully most of the 'ugly' is on the back of the models but thats what you get for a cheap trademe purchase so Im not too fussed.

Currently working on Dragon Princes and Lothern Seaguard, everything else is assembled and basecoated so with knowing what corners to cut I should churn them all out fairly quickly with time to lavish some extra effort on my foot slogging Prince and Mage.


  1. Again beautiful work and a very unique color scheme for High Elves. Can I ask what list your taking to Runefang IV??

  2. Thanks for the comment John and welcome to my blog =) I will post my list shortly, I warn you it's not very optimal but time, money and other peoples painting have somewhat dictated what I'll be using under the Runefang restrictions. Funnily enough though I am happy with the build I came up with and I am a bit of a Fantasy n00b.