Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Painting - Blood Angels - Tactical Squad

Here are a few shots of my Blood Angels.  I have built all my marines to use parts of the Blood Angel Tactical squad and Death Company sets.  All Marines in Power Armour will be on the new 32mm bases.  I must say that the new increased base size is nice to work with and makes miniatures like top heavy jump infantry far more stable on the table top.

First we have the Tactical Squad's Sergeant toting his Combi-melta.
Here he is along with the rest of the Tactical Squad and 5 man Assault Squad.
Finally we have a completed Death Company Marine.  I used soft blue greys for the edge highlighting to move away from the basic grey line work on the armies boltguns.
I want something to break up the barren dusty bases.  They are similar in colour to my Realm of Battle board so I think I will add a few skulls to various bases, maybe some sparse dead strands of grass too.

As I'm on a rare GM'ing break from Tuesday night RPGing (Aaron is running Star Wars currently)  I managed to finish assembling my Drop Pods in between important d20 rolls during the game.  They get base coated today along with the Vindicator.


  1. That Furioso needs a bit of work. No, seriously they are excellent. I thought I was the only person who did my basing last.

  2. And here I thought all blood angels were blond.. like space Lannister's or something.

    Great progress on the army. I have been slack even though I only have to paint about 3 (big) models I'm waaay behind for Maelstrom.