Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hub Campaign - Part 2 - The Imperium Strikes Back - Round 1

This past weekend we finally got organised and had the second part of my narrative 40k campaign.  Joel from Brush of doom had concocted some interesting scenarios for us to play out, all of which bit him in his green Ork arse!

So the participants on the side of the Imperium were Ryan with Tau, Conan with Blood Angels and myself with Inquisition/Grey Knights before Cody took over. We were flexible with force building for the narrative so instead of Coteaz I took a normal Inquisitor and we counted that they unlocked the Henchmen as troops per Coteaz's rule  The forces of Destruction were Stu with Daemons, Aaron with Tyranids and Joel with Orks.

All the games were 750 points with no flyers, special characters, fortifications and allies.  Only one troop was required from the players codex but like last time a force had to include either a Chaos cultist unit or an Imperial Guard squad.

I will report on games I played in and have some notes from Joel and Ryan to add.

I used a kitted out Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, 3 units of Henchmen - 2 units with plasma in psybacks, 1 with melta in chimera, Eversor Assassin, Psyfleman Dreadnought.

The first round had a suprisingly destructive rule attached.  Due to the forces of Chaos laying booby traps/IEDs or having daemonic forces lurking in the Hub's shadows, whenever any save made by a model in cover was required, the targeted unit had to make a leadership test.  If passed normal armour or cover saves were taken, if failed the cover save was worsened by 1 and the unit took d6 S3 hits in addition to what they were saving from.  

I played Joel, Inquisition vs Orks.  I got the warlord trait which allows the warlord and unit to outflank so after a couple turns of our forces exchanging fire my Inquisitor, his attached unit and their chimera rolled onto Joel's back field and poured fire into his Loota block.  Joel did take out my Imperial Guard squad holding an objective with his Nob bikers but prior and post assualt shooting took them out. The Imperial fire combined with shadowy attacks ruined Joel's boyz.  Joel also failed to notice an Eversor Assassin hiding behind a Razorback which took out his scouting Deffkopta in the first turn.  Joel suffered badly from the scenario rules loosing a lot of Orks to weakened cover saves and the S3 hits.

The other games were in the 'good' guys favour putting the forces of Order way out in the lead.

Joel's perspective - the biker gang found themselves on the wrongside of the tracks getting intercepted by the Hub Inquisition.  Despite putting on a good show a late sneaky back field arrival by the Inquisitor put an end to the fun.

and Ryan's - A patrol was ambushed in the city ruins by Daemonic forces while performing reconnaissance for a potential Tau outpost.  Significant loss of life from the Fire warriors Drone section of the expedition, however the Daemons were held back and the objectives secured.

I believe the Blood Angels and Tyranids performed mutual destruction on each other either getting a draw or minor victory to the Blood Angels.

Next, Game 2 involves a bit of espionage...

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  1. No one can ever claim that I wrote the scenarios to favour my Orks! I think the first mission had it just right. The other 2 could do with some tweaks though.