Monday, April 29, 2013

The northern wastes stir

So after a brutal yet entertaining weekend at Runefang, I've finally cracked open some models for my second fantasy army that have been sitting around. I'm planning on running WoC, with mostly Slaanesh in the force though I am not averse to mixing the marks to make the army sharper. Armies are pretty honed around here so I'm not going to pull punches though I want to try a few different things from the standard internet builds.

Put together my 5 hellstriders firstly (have to have the signature unit!)


Then using some parts from hellstrider kit made a test warrior with halberd


  1. warrior looking real good with that hellstrider arm. looking forward to seeing the rest :)

  2. The warrior is looking great. I'll be down your way Saturday to get some High elf goodness if you want me to bring my paints and help work something out.