Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Painting - WoC Tzeentch Daemon Prince

Last night before allowing myself to finish Bioshock Infinite - awesome ending btw! I finished Cody's Daemon Prince for his first Warhammer Fantasy army.

The colour palette contains all the colours which will be used in the army. You can see by the turquoise armour plates what the Chaos Warriors will look like eventually - I have done a test one and it looks good. May do a little more work on the sword though.

The plan is to magentise the Daemon Prince's feet so when Cody decides on a set of bases the DP can be swapped between Fantasy and 40k easily.

Must say I did enjoy painting this model. The colours are nice and bright and a change to what I normally use. The new/current GW paint range really has some superb shades throughout the greens and blues and I want to incorporate them more into some future projects.

This chap will be making his event debut at Runefang next weekend so watch out - I'm not looking forward to dealing with the build it has.

Now time to load up the new Tomb Raider.

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  1. Impressive as usual mate. I looking forward to seeing the completed army...on another table!