Friday, January 27, 2012

Who shall lead the shambling masses?

So in the last couple weeks in between work and Dan's stag do I have read through the Vampire Counts army book quite a bit.

Now I happily admit that Warhammer Fantasy is not my strong point though I understand the principils for good list building and the theory on the table. Now there are a selection of units in the book I would like to try out but my big issue who to lead the army?

It is a 'Vampire Counts' army book but once you start dropping points on the Vamp lord he starts mounting up in points pretty bloody quickly. Then you look at the Master Necromancer and think 'damn, bargain'. For 200 points you get a naked level 4 caster who with a variety of synergy effects in the army can sit back in a rotting bunker of Zombies and buff away. Give him a 4+ ward and a magic toy and he'll still be 300 points or less.

You can of course take a moderately tooled up Vamp Lord and still get the bargain Master Necro, but should you? Thats quite an investment in points where there are all those new shiney units to try out.

This leads me to an army idea with no Vampires at all! Master Necromancer/Liche with a couple Necromancer subordinates with Ethereal and Wight hero choices. This throws the bloodline themes to the side and embraces the fluff of Nagash, Kemmler, Dieter and other infamous necromancers throughout the old worlds history.

Any ideas would be welcome

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  1. I think there is enough flexibility in the army to make either choice viable. Also the strigoi ghoul king in certain builds. You can't go wrong with the master necromancer for the price, good caster with nice magic allowance. The vampire lord may cost significantly more, but it's only 125 pt to get him to the same magic level and now you have an impressive fighter into the mix, who can move up with the army for the march bubble and actually get stuck into combat. Almost all lists with have hero level vampires and/or necromancers with lore of vampires, so losing the general is not as crippling a before now they can take over. With the Mortis Engine you can even rely on some level 2 hero casters to keep up the magic phase and go pure killy in the lord points allowance.