Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dreadfleet WIP

So a happy new year to all my gaming associates out there, I hope you all have plenty of positive gaming projects planned for 2012, with some of the rumoured releases I sure have.

Anyway this is the Heldenhammer flagship of the Grand Alliance In Dreadfleet and first model I decided to put paint on. Just have to do a final highlight of the waves and maybe some script on the sails.

I would have got stuck into the evil ships of the Dreadfleet but thought I'd best get this behemoth done first otherwise it would probably get put off for a while. I will be painting the Bloody Reaver and terrain next as those pieces are used in every scenario where other ships are not and can wait.

The models themselves in the box set are very intricate and have amazing detail as we can expect from GW just pay attention to the assembly instructions on the sides of the box. While having a few beers with guests and enjoying the hilarity of the Inbetweeners on Boxong Day I had to make a few adjustments to the models before gluing before I even realized the diagrams were there.

Now I have actually played the game now and the very first game was with my wife Ali. She chooses to view this as a boardgame so agreed to help me work out the rules without admitting to playing a wargame. We played the first scenario which has the Dreadfleet's Bloody Reaver versus the Grand Alliance's Heldenhammer fighting across and through a heavy reef using all the terrain from the set. It is a very good first mission and we had all the rules down promptly.

Yesterday Stu and Cody came over and again enlisting Ali we tryed two more scenarios with Stu and I as the Grand Alliance and Ali and Cody as the Dreadfleet. Splitting control of the fleets warships and with the alternating ship by ship activation rules made it a very fun team game with all players having fun.

As already said on many forums and blogs across the net, this game suffers because it is not compatible with Warhammer Fantasy itself but it is a perfectly good well designed game in its own right. Cody even suggested some easy games for an island based fantasy campaign where quick Dreadfleet games could decide reinforcement and invasion effects for following games.

If you get a chance to play Dreadfleet I recommend doing so as long as you can play it as a stand alone game as intended.


  1. Can I wear an eye patch when I play? Make pirate noises?
    Seriously though that ship is looking sweet. Going to try get another game in tonight.

  2. If you want to cosplay while wargaming thats up to you mate ;) Cheers in regards to the Heldenhammer, let us know how your game goes.