Monday, August 15, 2011

To CTA and Beyond...

The last couple days turned into something of an unplanned gaming weekend. Wil came to stay for a chill out weekend and with the reality of me finishing his Sisters to a satisfactory standard for Call to Arms being sweet 'F A' he started looking at alternative forces.

My gaming room is full of armies in various states of playability and having sat on a shelf for nearly a year unloved was Cody's Space Marine army is metallic purple with blue trim. Wil decided that combined with Stu's Death Company models he could pull out a decent Blood Angel list. This began a series of games which proved highly entertaining over the last two days.

He got to play against a quickly gathered Daemon army which I played for shits and giggles as well as Cody's experienced Dark Eldar list. Our numbers were also reinforced as Ryan from Wellington made his way up for a couple CTA practice games too.

Ryan played Cody and the Grey Knights null deploy tactic proved horrific for them as the Dark Eldar destroyed at range what ever arrived from reserve our tarpitted units with amazingly resilient Wyches. Later on Sunday Ryan played Stu who used a Daemon list to prove chapter 666's might against they're archnemesis. Lets just say the boys from the Imperium didn't do too well... though after an embarrassing loss for the Grey Knights it turns out remembering 'preferred enemy' would have made a massive difference!!!

In between all the impromptu 40K we got a game of Mansions of Madness in on Saturday night with myself in the role of Keeper. The bloodties scenario was won by the four Investigator players but I delighted in playing all manner of trauma cards on the poor quartet going so far as to have poor Ryan's character with a broken arm and leg and cowering in a crypt with 1 health left as the others braved the fire filled map to win the game and forcing Cody's tommy gun toting gangster into suicidal insanity. See doesn't that sound like fun?

Ryan and I also hashed out an Inquisitor list for me to use. CTA will probably be the last outing for the current Eldar build for a while having proved very successful and I want a new personal project to really go nuts on. I'll post the list in the next couple days.

In the meantime instead of painting dozens of Sisters of Battle in a frenzied state I just have to paint 3 missile launcher marines and Stu gets a custom painted Death Company Stormraven too!!!


  1. So many mistakes across my games I've been ruminating over, but that's what practice games are for! Well deserved victories for both my opponents.