Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Decisions

With the choice to abandon the High Elven race for the time being I have been trying to make up my mind what WHFB army to get stuck into next.

I have looked through most of the army books and model ranges and came down to the following..

Vampire Counts - the army I have played the most over the years leading up to the end of 6th ed, after that my gaming group focused more and more on 40k so fantasy got shelved for all of 7th until the glorious 8th ed came out. I have a Von Carstien army with units of skeletons, zombies and small support units but all those are now fairly unappealing in 8th. The release of the new Terrorgiest has got me pretty enthused again and I have worked up a ghoul/strigoi themed list which I think would work well but it will mean starting over from scratch with the undead.

Ogres - never really liked them until I saw the new models incoming! The Stonetusk monstrosity alone is awesome for pure size and the new firebreather and executioner models are a credit to GW. There are a few Ogres in boxes in the gaming room belonging to a mate so I could procure them to start with.

Daemons of Chaos - On a couple of shelves in the gaming room sits a pretty big collection of Daemons in a fairly unloved state, sure they're painted well and can be assembled in numerous builds but Stu who owns the majority of the Daemons has abandoned them in 40k for his Blood Angels and is waiting like a child at Christmas for the new Necrons. He has used them in fantasy a bit but prefers the humour of the Orcs & Goblins and who can blame him. I own a few off Daemons to add to the mix including a FW Keeper of Secrets so could be a go...

...but I have made the sensible decision - if at all possible when talking about our toy soldiers! to get stuck into Warriors of Chaos. They tick a lot of boxes for me and the old pro and con list leans positively toward them.

I like heavily armoured infantry in fantasy settings, I played a paladin tank for years in World of Warcraft even if they were crap back in the day... and the basic Chaos Warrior is the only thing of its kind really. The variety of the army book is massive showing that I can personalize and theme lists many different ways. I can have big horde units of marauders, my blocks of chaos warriors, magic, knights and importantly big models like the new Ogre models I love to use as Chaos Ogres and the FW Greater Daemon would be a wicked Daemon Prince!

Also Cody acquired a massive amount of WoC models for a bargain price a little while ago from trademe and would love to move them off for an investment in Dark Elves. This means that while helping Cody get an army he actually really wants I have an awful lot of unpainted constructed models to start using straight away with several themes already floating about in my imagination.

So in the future I will be putting up a few ideas I have about a look for the army, nothing set right now but I will share soon enough. If anyone has any ideas on the look of an army I can make or any advice on unit builds and the like please do share

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  1. Look forward to seeing how the army comes together. I've being slowly buying some WoC with the plan to get stuck into them once the Greenskins are done. Your progress and posts will keep me inspired :)