Thursday, September 8, 2016

Infinity and Scenery

Getting some more regular games of Infinity going so I picked up some new terrain. Have heard good things regarding the pre painted/printed plast craft games so acquired 2 double modules, 2 two door simple modules and a curved modular building from mighty ape.

They come mostly pre-cut for the big pieces but do require some parts being pushed out. Very little tidy up required with a craft knife.

Super glue is best used, and the pdf instructions + pics on the box make the assembly quite speedy.

In one evening I have 5 new buildings ready to go! The doors, windows, roofs and ladders are removable too.

Had a couple of games on Tuesday night and they worked great creating interesting movement options with all the Infinity orders.

However it really highlights my need to paint the rest of the buildings....

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