Friday, September 4, 2015

Painting - WHFB Daemons of Chaos unit fillers

I havn't been happy with the basing on my Daemon army since I first got them on the table.  This was a combination of time and some mismatched basing materials.

With Crack's Call on the horizon I am taking the opportunity to rebase the Daemons and really improve their presentation.

Taking inspiration from the PS4 game Bloodborne I am basing them as if they and their cultist minions are sweeping through a ramshackle ruined city.

I have built the fillers and bases out of greystuff, miniature scale ceramic bricks, plasticard and a variety of bits that Joel left me when he moved to Melborne.

Here are the first two nearing completion, there will be more to come.

 This piece will either have a tentacled cultist or Pink Horror added to it.

The repurposed Necromancer will be joined by 3 Pink Horrors and another cultist on this 5 wide base.

Building these has really inspired me to build more pieces like it for the game systems I play.