Sunday, April 12, 2015

Painting - Blood Angels - Karlaen & bike

So after years of playing Eldar, I am finally branching out and have been enjoying Blood Angels.

I have thought about starting them for years but the old Codex was getting a bit dated so I held off to the new one was released.

I have played a few games with them and even though its hard not to compare them to Eldar I am liking the difference.

Here are the first if what should be many sons of Sanguinius to come.

Captain Karlaen from the Deathstorm box set.  While maybe not as good as a Sanguinary Priest or Librarian he is not a bad HQ choice.  Solid Terminator character with auto reroll reserves and +1 sieze the initiative. 

The first of several bikes.  Now that Blood Angels have access to Grav weaponary these provide a wonderful quick and cheap delivery for them.  The riders will be a mix of the new Blood Angel tactical squad and biker parts.  As grav weapons are not that plentiful on the sprues I am probably going to get a set of Volkite Chargers from FW to use as grav guns.


  1. Why no Karlaen model at Maelstrom??

    1. I'll bring the First Captain along to cheer from the sidelines. I did include him in a lot of my lists but he did not make the final cut. I do have a nice new box set of Blood Angel Terminators to build that will form a nice bodyguard for him.

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