Saturday, January 19, 2013

Painting - Horus Heresy WIP & Dark Angel Terminator

So I'm working on not one Horus Heresy force for Tale of X Gamers but two!

With my own Mark IV Raven Guard in the works I also have Cody's Mark III Ultramarines on the painting tray.

First off my Raven Guard have had a base of Adeptus battlegrey with 3 washes of Nuln Oil to create a dull matt black finish. Highlighting, battle damage and some weathering have followed with a freehand Legion symbol to finish the painting off. The Raven Guard will all be based on the Secret Weapon line of blasted wetlands bases, suits the image in my head of the Raven Guard on the run from the Traitor Legions.

Cody saw a marine I painted in the new Thunderhawk blue and liked that it was a little different from the standard look of the Ultramarines. I have yet to add Legion symbols and unit markings but this is a good example of what the initial unit should look like, not all will have the gold face plated though. The gold is from a balthasar gold base, layered with auric gold then washes and highlighting to final effect. Cody has some Urban ruin bases coming so his forces will be scouring the ruins of Calth and other Ultramar worlds fighting Word Bearers and World Eater forces.

Finally I have finished a Terminator from Dark Vengeance, I really like these models and the new Dark Angel codex so once the Horus Heresy units are complete I'll do some more work on them. Not being a fan of the traditional dark green or bone white I took inspiration from the cover of the HH book Fallen Angels. The battered metal look with worn gold trim and personal script will be the look for this force. Also a neutral enough scheme if I want to mix and match with the Blood Angel codex giving me options for the Angelic marine army. This Terminator is on a Secret Weapon ruined temple base.

I'll post more pictures once the units are complete


  1. G'day,

    Like I said at Homecon, that Raven Guard is looking good; I find black very hard to paint, but you've come up with a method that looks very good, and which might be quite easy. Is it easy using washes, or is it more difficult than it might seem? Also, that marine's weapon isn't following his eyes, with sloppy fieldcraft like that, it's no wonder the traitors nailed them at Istvaan......

    The Ultramarine looks very good too, but the blue is rather muted. I know that the owner likes it this way, but how do you reconcile the colour with a legion that is fairly rigid in its application of doctrine. The owner has final say (he can paint them pink after all, with Ultramarine symbols), but I was wondering. I understand that the Ultramarines who fought at Angron's homeworld had scarred and blackened armour, as they were veterans of Calth. Is this the look you're after?

    Good work though, your Raven Guard force should look good if the test is any indication.

  2. Thanks for your comments Tane.

    As long as you apply the washes evenly and in this case liberally and allow it time to dry between coats it should come out looking fine. This look isn't suitable for all black finishes but it is the one I want for the Raven Guard.

    As for the Ultramarines, the colour will be what it is. Cody asked for them to be painted in the different tone as he wanted them to look a little different from other peoples Ultramarines.

    By the way, that Raven Guard not following his weapons line... must be one of those filthy Alpha Legion infiltrators...

  3. Nice work on the 30k. My guys arrived this afternoon. Had a quick look before Wil came around and stomped my VC to bits. Lost my knight bus in one round of combat turn 2, was not pretty.

    Got some dark temple bases coming from slave to painting tomorrow, will have to get stuck into putting my marines together tomorrow evening or Saturday.

  4. Needs more freehand if you want to win best painted. Your work isn't clean enough to win without it.