Monday, August 13, 2012

Terra Firma

Been digging into 6th edition with the bikes, and initially it was quite painful. Learning my lessons well though and had some stunning successes recently. 6th is really fun and everything I hoped for to invigorate my sci fi plastic obsession.

Vroom Vroom!

Haven't been very active on the painting side unfortunately, so I've been experimenting with making some terrain, as my table is looking rather old and unloved. Many buildings are falling apart so I've been reinforcing them and looking to add some new pieces for variety sake. Also some non generic buildings for fantasy would be nice now that I play it on occasion.

First when I went to purchase a new display board (ie. a picture frame) for my army prior to the last tournament in 5th edition, a curious novelty ashtray caught my companions eye. I later went back and picked it up. Cost about NZ$5, then based an old CD with some bricks made from builders putty and voila, I have an evil Chaos Well. Good for either system. Still looking to add some water effects to the middle and maybe some blood splatters.

Also started working on a hill for fantasy. Not sure why, it's not like I have any warmachines being a VC player but seemed like an easy place to start. After a meal of hot dogs I noticed the container they come in flipped upside down would make a good hill-ish shape so I sawed out a base from MDF, with a bit of MDF in the middle underneath for support in case anything heavy should sit on it. Fixed it together with some PVA and rubber bands, then slapped on a nice layer of builders putty so it looks more natural than just a meat container flipped. It's still setting so painting and flocking will come later.

Lastly been thinking of making a full Tau board, never sure where to start. Used to have a Tau landing pad that was quite neat but not sure where it ended up. Anyway knocked this Tau pylon together this afternoon and started slapping some paint on it, turned out rather well. It's one complete piece I glued to a base and painted. See if you can guess what I used.

Base looks all gooey because it's filled with gooey watered down pva and still drying.

Still very much WIP but I must say terrain is a great way to get back into a bit of hobby if you get stuck often like I do.

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